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Retreats & Workshops

Rita conducts a number of workshops in Ireland, Spain and Germany throughout the year including Inner Journeying and Spiritual Feasting. 

We will inform you shortly about the upcoming retreats. 


24th of August - 31st of August

Doolin - Ireland

The retreat is designed to allow the participants a time for quiet reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation with daily meditation, spiritual dialouge, group healing, nature walks and yoga. This retreat is very dear to my heart as it is based in Doolin and it will be influenced by Celtic roots. 

The retreat consist of:

  • Daily Meditation 

  • Spiritual Dialouge

  • Inner and Outer Journeying

  • Energy exercises

  • Discussion

  • Group Healing / Private Healing Sessions on demand 

  • Nature Walks 

  • Yoga 

  • Irish Music Night 

Price: 1.200€/person

Included in the cost of the retreat is the work from Rita Dowling, the accomondation at the cottage, breakfast and dinner. 

Venue: Beautiful Irish cottage in Doolin. A self service breakfast is provided each morning. Dinner is served each evening by an excellent chef. At midday you can explore and enjoy the many local places for lunch. There will be one free night, and one night as a group, where we will visit an Irish Pub for live music to celebrate.


Due to limited spaces we kindly ask you to make your booking timely. Please send us an email, if you are interested in joining the upcoming retreat. 


Inner Journeying

The focus of this workshop is to recognise our spiritual essence and unique gift to the planet.  It is a day for inner exploration and outer celebration. 

The program includes: 

  • Inner Journeying 

  • Celtic Ritual 

  • Energy Exercises 

  • Celebration Ceremony

Celtic Spiritual Feasting

Our Celtic Spiritual Feasting workshops run throughout the year. The Workshops are an introduction to Celtic Spirituality. They are days of healing and celebration and focus on recognising our gift to the planet and our interconnectedness with all. 

The workshops consist of:

  • Welcome Ceremony

  • Shamanic Rituals

  • Inner and Outer Journeying

  • Energy exercises

  • Discussion

  • Group Healing

  • Feasting the senses

  • Celebration ceremony

  • Nature Walks

  • Participation Certificate


New private


Retreat, Relax, Renew

The retreat programme is designed to allow the participants a time for quiet reflection, rest and rejuvenation through. 

From March 2024 on I will also offer private retreats close to Alicante in Spain. The retreat can be designed best for your personal interest and will take place directly by the sea. Anyone interested can get details on request. 

The workshops includes among others:

  • Welcome Ceremony 

  • Daily Meditation 

  • Spiritual dialogue 

  • Nature Walking 

Please check the calender
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