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“My first vivid memory of a healing experience was when I was a child. My family dog had being badly injured. I held him until the deep wound in his throat completely healed inexplicably. The next awakening to healing force was when I was 36 years old. I placed my hands on a friend’s head who was in deep distress, she immediately became calm and fell into a deep sleep for some time. My mother told me of the long tradition of healing in her family and encouraged me to develop this healing tradition. After this I sought to develop these abilities and studied various methods of healing throughout the World.”

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In 1999 Rita moved with her young family to Fanore Co. Clare on the West coast of Ireland. It was here that she developed a deep interest in Celtic Tradition inspiring her writing and spiritual practice.

She has developed an international network of people interested in Celtic spirituality and her healing work. In 2000 Rita founded “An Scoil Ceiltach Spioradalta” The Celtic Spiritual School Ireland which promoted the growth of the individual as an integral part of the Cosmos.

Rita was among 5 guest healers worldwide invited to speak at The International Healing Conference in Holzkirchen in Germany 2007. She is an inspirational speaker and lectures and facilitates workshops and healing clinics in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Rita is currently offering individual healing sessions, Celtic Ceremonies, retreats and workshops.

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