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Frequently asked Questions



What will happen during a treatment?

The client is brought to a state of deep relaxation during the treatment. They may experience tingling sensations or heat circulating throughout their body. It is quite common for the client to experience initial feelings of heaviness in the body, and then a feeling of lightness. The client may also sleep during a treatment.

What happens after a session?

Generally clients remain very relaxed with a wish to rest after treatment. This is common due to the level of energy applied. The client is encouraged to keep an open positive attitude to the outcome of the treatment.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and my team.

What happens in a healing session?

In a comfortable, calm and relaxed atmosphere, Rita will have a brief conversation with the client explaining the practice and ensure that the client is comfortable to proceed with the healing treatment. The client then lies on a treatment table, fully clothed. Rita applies energy with light touch, where appropriate, to the body to ignite a positive energy flow. When the session is complete, there will be a brief conversation and Rita will explain what the client may expect in the following days. Feedback from the client may also be requested.

How long does a session last?

A treatment will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour for adults, and 30 minutes for children.

Frequently asked questions about my healing sessions and my Celtic Ceremonies as a Traditional Healer and Celtic Celebrant. 




Are Celtic wedding ceremonies legally recognised?

No, these ceremonies are not a legally binding marriage or recognised by the state. They are offered to couples, who for reasons of their own, wish to have a Ritual or Blessing that is meaningful to them. Couples usually have a civil marriage with a Registrar followed by a Celtic Blessing ceremony.

Is the ceremony religious?

The ceremony is not based on any religious dogma or belief and is open to all who wish to celebrate their union in the Celtic tradition.

What happens in a Celtic ceremony?

The ceremony itself is conducted in a way that is inclusive of the couple and their invited guests. The sacred elements of Earth Fire Water Air and Ether are incorporated in the Ritual with symbols and invocation. The ancient tradition of handfasting, a ritual of tieing the couples hands with a specially woven chord takes place. Each ceremony is tailored  to suit each couple that makes it meaningful and special for them and their guests.

Where can a ceremony take place?

As the ceremony is not of an orthodox religion or a legal ceremony, it can be held anywhere, indoors or outside in the natural surroundings. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and my team.

What is the cost of the Ceremony?

The cost of this service is 400€, which includes communicating with the couple by email or phone and a personal meeting which can be arrange prior to the Ceremony. An original Blessing certificate will be given as a keepsake, together, with the woven chord used in the hand fasting ritual. An additional cost may be incurred if the celebrant is required to travel outside the locality.

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