St Brigid's well, liscannor co clare, traditional healing, rita dowling
The feast of Imbolc is celebrated today 1st February as the beginning of springtime and the passing of winter.
Here in Ireland this time is dedicated to the Goddess Brigid, keeper of the Flame, patron of healing, poetry and animals.
I will visit the holy well of Brigid and hang ribbons for those who seek release from pain and suffering. The ancient tradition of hanging ribbons at a sacred well represents the individual who suffers. As the ribbon fades so also does the suffering.
Candles will be lit and a Ritual fire will also burn to celebrate life, humanity and keep that eternal flame burning.

“The Tree”
It appears still in its winter cloak
it celebrates the Heaven beneath
the Earth
Reaches deep into the belly
of Life
to nourish and nurture
the gift of Spirit within

©Rita Dowling 2009