Child and Dog Under Tree
“In our childhood we experienced a special place, a hidden garden in which we explored and maked believe. The place that enchanted me was the old Lilac tree in Brennan’s back garden.
There I went with my dog as my companion, to retreat from the great World and dream……
Yesterday as I was planting some shrubs and sowing grass seed, I remembered my dreamy
days in the Lilac tree. The scent of its blossoms, the magic of its colourful display, it’s branches a soft welcoming seat, for my seclusion. I was present.

As I sow new seeds, plant trees and create a new space for nature to sing, I am aware of this sense of presence and the glory in this moment” The dream continues……

“I smiled at the beauty in the Rose and it showered a thousand blessings on me for
The opportunity”

Rita Dowling

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