Flowers in the Garden
Now back, once again in my garden after a journey of spiritual growth,
dialogue and connection in Würzburg and Karlstadt, Germany, I can
reflect on my experiences and appreciate the wonders and the essence of the human being.
Here in the garden, I connect to the spiritual essence of nature in all her forms.
I am nourished through all of my senses with her sound, beauty, scent, taste and touch.
The Earth calls me to be fully involved and feel its vibration of life on a daily
In these moments even the weeds represent the organic component of life and its vitality.
I understand that  my body is an organic component framed within this Spirit and cannot be separated from
the rhythm of Life and the Cosmos.
May you enjoy and be awakened to your inner and outer garden and see the fruits of your loving work.
“The tree knows only love and you are the tree”
Rita Dowling © 2016
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