I have always been interested in understanding words and their meaning . This curiosity came from my father Matthew, he was self taught and always had a dictionary by his side.  As a young girl my dictionary also became my “bible”, learning  and understanding new words, their meaning and spelling was very important to me. I remember being at a family gathering waiting for the opportunity to use a new found word, equilibrium, when I got the opportunity. Just then one of my siblings said “ here comes Rita with another big word like marmalade.” This however, did not deter my hunger for knowledge and love of language.

Celtic tradition recognises the eloquence and power of the spoken word, my interest and curiosity has given me greater reverence for this tradition. The language of our soul is expressed through our human voice and written words. Our communication is an expression of who we are. In our day to day living , let us once again breathe life into our communication through conversation, poetry, prose and song.

The energy of your expression carries power, this power is your responsibility and lies within you.