Celtic Fire,Winter Solstice, Flame of ConsciousnessThe longest night in the Celtic calendar is celebrated with Ritual fires which welcome the return of the Sun and the passing of the dark days of winter.
Here on the West
Coast of Ireland bonfires are lit after dark to encourage the light, celebrate community and release our dreams and wishes into the flame of the fire.

It is a time of magic and wonder as winter embraces us with her cloak of opportunity to retreat, reflect and renew our understanding of ourselves and creation.
I encourage you to join us on 21st December to ignite the flame of consciousness, celebrate and rejoice in the wonder of Life, especially for those who cannot.


Sacred Flame
Inspire me to live with the passion for life
In me.
Red blood of my ancestors
Propel me to ignite the flame of consciousness
Resting in the belly
f my creation.


©Rita Dowling 2014
Image courtesy of [twobee] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net